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Our Esthetician

Tammy VanRossen

My interest in skin care began as a young adult with problem skin.  I was a client in the skin care industry for many years before becoming an Esthetician.  In order to know about me as a skin care therapist, I would like you to know a little bit about how I came to be an Esthetician.  I’ll try to make this short, my attention to detail serves me well in my skin care business, but my “story” telling can get a little long sometimes (so I’m told).  This is my best attempt at a Reader’s Digest version.

In my early adult years, I was busied with the task of building my career in the commercial construction industry, initially, and later transitioning to commercial property management.  I was always on the go, always looking to the next rung on the corporate ladder, always working too many hours a week, barely enough time for family and friends, and never enough time for taking care of myself.  Let alone, time to take care of my problem skin.  Who has time for that, I thought back then.  I had been a waxing client for years but who has time for a facial.  Then, I got my first facial and things started to change.  Things that weren’t important before suddenly were.  Things like my skin, my skin products and my time.  I began getting regular facials and my skin improved.  I asked lots of questions (apparently, too many sometimes as my esthetician would politely tell me when it was time to be quiet and just relax for the rest of the treatment).  Over many treatments, I learned about my skin type, my skin condition and the type of products I needed to be using.  I also learned that I could take an hour or so out of each month to do something for myself.  Amazingly enough, everyone in my world, my family, the people that I worked for, and the people that worked for me, they all survived without me for a few hours each month. 

Before long, my skin was in a healthy condition and I had learned the art of relaxation.  By then I was pretty much, shall we say, very enthusiastic about my “me-time” once every month.  But more than that, I had really taken an interest in skin care.  I wanted to know everything my esthetician knew and more.  

I really liked my job; I was responsible for millions of square feet of commercial real estate and I was good at it, but, it didn’t enthuse me like skin care did.  I wanted to help people with their skin the way estheticians had helped me over the years.  It took me many years to decide to make the career change but I eventually did.  I began taking care of people’s skin rather than real estate and buildings.  Much more rewarding!

I’ve been an esthetician for 10 years now and I still have the enthusiasm I started with.  There are not a lot of us that can say that we truly love what we do for a living.  I can say that I truly look forward to working with my clients everyday and helping them feel good about themselves.  I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a treatment.  Whether it’s waxing, a relaxing facial, or aggressively working on problem skin, I strive to provide a quality service and improve the health of your skin.

In addition to formal licensing school, I have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses.  I’m always learning about the latest skin care products and techniques.